Title: Multiple Bold Steps
Author: Abayomi Adeyeri
Publisher: XlibrisUS
ISBN: 978-1-5434-8374-1
Pages: 134
Genre: Self-Help, Biographical, Motivational & Inspirational
Reviewed by: Josef Heinze


Pacific Book Review

From the start it will become evident to readers the inherent humility of Abayomi Adeyeri, as he cited page after page of the names of people who have helped in creating his book titled Multiple Bold Steps. Obviously they all did not have a hand in the book writing or editing, yet they all had a hand in the shaping of Mr. Adeyeri’s life. As a man guided by his faith, the most credit and appreciation was given to God.

From his roots being born in Nigeria, hardships and obstacles were commonplace, yet with his extreme determination and an unyielding foundation of faith in God, each of these negative forces to his dreams were overcome, systematically and totally. It is the system of being able to make what he calls bold steps which resulted in an amazing career and wealth far beyond the expectations of his peers. A bold step, he defines, would be some move away from your comfort zone; to try to achieve a new and ambitious goal. For Abayomi Adeyeri, he was bold since being a toddler, but he credits his first bold step when he was switching from a regular art and commercial background into entirely new science for one year. As a side note to his writing, he brought out startling statistics about the drug use of people in his community and in college – a staggering number around 40%. His family and foundation in God gave him the strength to avoid any such peril.

Moving into the lucrative banking industry, he knew the simplicity of achieving wealth was being able to earn more than you spend. He explains if someone spends exactly what they earn, they have a ratio of 1. If you earn twice what you spend, your ratio becomes 2, and on the other hand if you spend twice of what you make, your ratio is 0.5. A simple calculation but one in which so many people do not understand how to break down to a ratio, a number. You need a ratio greater than 1 to amass wealth.

Adeyeri also knew that appearance and knowledge equals confidence. One cannot “fake it until they make it” but must have the skills of a CEO to become a top level manager or business owner, plus with an outward appearance wearing impeccably dressed suits and polished shoes, not only are they signs of success but also shows pride in themselves. One of my favorite lessons is he uses the word FAIL as an acronym for: First Attempt In Learning.

Multiple Bold Steps covers many genres as being part dedication to those who helped Adeyeri throughout his life and a tribute to his mother; part curriculum vitae following his career listing the many banking institutions and his migration path; a large part motivational introspection for self-actualization and philosophy; and finally a cultural narrative with antidotal incidents. There is something for everyone who reads Multiple Bold Steps and it will be a pleasure to all readers to “get to know” Abayomi Adeyeri. This book changes everything. How you perceive, how you process, how you proceed, how you persevere. Multiple Bold Steps provides timeless insights for individuals to consistently achieve their goals. The book will change how you think about yourself and others.


Multiple Bold Steps
by Abayomi Adeyeri

book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing far outweighs its outcome.”

Nigerian banker and businessman Adeyeri uses the wisdom of his life as a template for others on the path to success. He himself did not always make excellent decisions and wryly refers to the acronym “FAIL” as “first attempt in learning.” In secondary school, he didn’t pass enough courses to get into university, but through family connections a rule was changed, allowing him to enter university taking a different course of study than planned. This was his first “bold step.” It altered his professional direction, steering him to a banking career. During college a church leader mentored him, inspiring him to take further initiatives. Throughout the autobiographical portions of his narrative, Adeyeri offers such rules as FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful and stresses that success is about its second letter: “U.” Once “you” are developed, you will become unstoppable in every way.

Adeyeri is a competent and engaging writer, using language very much to his advantage. He displays a sardonic sense of humor and charming wordplay. For example, he advises his Nigerian readers considering emigration that they might find professional opportunities in their homeland; employment-wise, he observes, there is not much “merry” in America. He gives ample credit for his achievements to a loving family, mature co-workers, and a deep Christian faith. He sometimes turns to folk wisdom. For example, in speaking of becoming a good leader, he asserts, “an army of goats led by a lion will soon defeat an army of lions led by a goat.” Most of the strong points regarding Adeyeri’s own bold steps are embedded in his personal story, so the book functions best as a memoir rather than a manual. The author’s attainments are admirable, his life the proof that he has walked the road toward which he wishes to guide and motivate others.


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Multiple Bold Steps